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Kimberly Allison

Tahoma School District
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Maple Valley, WA
Goals First, Technology Second
Successful technology integration--in your life, work, and classroom--must begin with clearly identifying your needs and goals, and only then selecting the digital tool, device, or application that will best fit the particular need or goal. Without a clear goal in mind, no matter how cool the newest gadget or app is, successful integration is compromised.

Empowerment for Digital Novices
For some of us, fear, constant change, and the sheer number of new gadgets and tools showing up every day can make technology overwhelming and intimidating. Fortunately, becoming a more savvy user of your laptop, smart phone or tablet isn't about "catching up" with technology. My approach helps those who are anxious or frustrated with technology address their fears and past experiences to create new mental models that allow them to welcome and embrace technology in ways that are authentic and unique to each individual.
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