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Pullman Public Schools
System Admin
Pullman WA

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I am currently working as a Systems Administrator for Pullman Public Schools and I have really enjoyed the challenges and growth that this job has presented me. I firmly believe in the mission and support of public education.

I have been able to build a culture of security over the last five years which includes using red team / purple team tactics to strengthen cyber security and resilience on the networks I manage.

As a small shop, I am ultimately in charge of everything.. A few things I mange: VMWare stack, Hyper-V stack, GPO's, Server Building, Server maintenance, Incident Response, User Account Creation & Automation, Security Training, o365 Security and Configuration, investigation, automation, PBX programming & configuration, E911 Custom Programming, and so much more. I am happy working in an office, a classroom, or up in the rafters in a network closet.

I am particularly proud of creating a custom E911 Alerting system for the school district that is fully configurable and is all custom Asterisk + bash.

It has been a goal of mine to expand the security capabilities of rural school districts and so I have been working to implement a cybersecurity policy which includes staff training and incident response planning. I have found that many of the smaller schools districts do not have anyone who can look at their environment from an adversarial perspective to help bolster their security posture. We hope to be able to deliver a boilerplate incident response plan and security plan to other school districts that they can take to their board and implement.

Outside of work I enjoy HackTheBox and programming in AWK, python, bash, and PowerShell. Recently I have been engrossed in PowerShell automation, custom Asterisk Programming, and working on my CySA+. I am probably in the process of reading five or six infosec books and enrolled in at least a dozen classes at any one time. I enjoy malware analaysis, good food, malicious powershell, and beer!
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